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MicroLyte Ag VET is simple to use.  Once removed from its peelable foil pouch, the matrix can be placed on a moist debrided wound.  The matrix will immediately contour to the wound bed and provide active antimicrobial silver in the wound for up to 3 days. The wound and matrix can then be covered with a second dressing for moisture management.

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I have used numerous wound care products but none match the capabilities of MicroLyte Ag VET at such an affordable price and ease of application.  MicroLyte Ag VET should become a first-choice product for initial wound care, as well as for problem non-healing wounds.

Dan Oberschlake, DVM - Heritage Animal Hospital

Started to use it and LOVING it!

Bryden Stanley, DACVS - Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine

I have used Microlyte Ag VET for a couple of years on a variety of traumatic, atraumatic and surgical wounds in small animal patients. I have had nothing but positive experiences and great results with the product.  Microlyte Ag VET in many ways has concurrently revolutionized and simplified the wound care protocols in our practice. Being antimicrobial and resorbable, it is a versatile and effective wound care product that has wide application for a variety of wounds in veterinary patients. 

Scotty Gibbs, DVM - Hilltop Animal Hospital

We love your “magic silver!”

Erica Schumacher, DVM - Chief Shelter Veterinarian, Dane County Humane Society

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9 THINGS an Ideal Wound Dressing or Matrix Does

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MicroLyte Ag VET Details

MicroLyte Ag VET is a one-of-a kind wound care product that places the antimicrobial effect of silver in a fully-resorbable polymeric wound matrix that serves as a template for tissue repair.

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Case Studies

MicroLyte Ag VET has been used successfully in hundreds of patients.  Here is a sampling of a few of of these cases.

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MicroLyte Ag VET Instructions for Use

Contains a complete product description and intended uses.

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