MicroLyte Ag VET for Equines

Infected Wound Healing


Developed at Imbed Biosciences, MicroLyte® Ag VET brings a unique combination of characteristics in a wound care product:

  • Fully resorbable:MicroLyte® Ag VET never needs to be removed from the wound, reducing painful dressing changes
  • 3-day antimicrobial effect:MicroLyte® Ag VET is >99.99% effective against a broad spectrum of wound-related microbes, including MRSA and VRE.
  • Synthetic:MicroLyte® Ag VET carries zero risk of disease transmission.
  • Safe: A lower, but effective level of ionic and metallic silver reduces residual toxicity to healthy tissues.

MicroLyte® Ag VET was co-invented at the University of Wisconsin-Madison by Drs. Jon McAnulty and Chris Murphy and is the most advanced wound care product ever developed for veterinary use. 


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